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Distributed Antenna System for Public Safety

Distributed Antenna System for Public Safety

Choose a DAS package for your building based on the square footage.  We will email you confirmation of your purchase and have you provide plans for the building in need.  Packages are for a 700/800 MHz radio frequency Bi-Directional Amplifier headend.  Includes design, submittals, and parts. Sent to you in an easy to install package.
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Product Details

Public Safety Distributed Antenna System Package

Choose from many options.  All packages include:

  • Code compliant design propagated in iBwave by Level 3 certified design team ( with Digital Copy)
  • Plans & Submittals included in 11×17 construction packet ready for fire permit submittal (with Digital Copy)
  • BoM (with Digital Copy)
  • Appropriate headend configuration for your building size and radio frequency.
  •  In building antennas
  • Low density coaxial cable
  • Connectors
  • Couplers/Splitters
  • Jumpers

This solution utilizes a Class A repeater configuration for Public Safety.  Package provides a design for 700/800 MHz Public Safety frequencies with expandability to accommodate future services within this band with limited additional requirements.

All products are found throughout the industry. From passive components (antennas, transmission line and connectors) to cutting edge technologies in fiber and amplification systems, they are established and respected industry leaders.

In compliance with the Fire Code. Installation, testing, and documentation of the cable system will need to be done in compliance with the applicable standards in accordance with all plans and specifications.



  1. Design plans and equipment specifications will need to be submitted to the City for approval prior to your installation.
  2. One 20A dedicated circuit must be provided for the bi-directional amplifiers and head end.
  3. Design assumes cable pathways are provided and meet survivability levels and headend location in a 2-hour rated room
  4. Assumes adequacy of rooftop donor signal.
  5. Sales tax is not included
  6. If any significate changes are made to the system design additional fees on an hourly basis may be required
  7. Exclusive of Engineer Stamp and Architects General Conformance Stamp.

Additional Information

Radio Frequency: 700/800 MHZ, VHF, UHF

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