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    With just a set of the construction plans we can provide a straight forward estimate. Our iBwave and FCC licensed design team can provide you with a comprehensive design packet that you can work with.

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    We offer competitive pricing for site surveys that can determine frequency strength before install. Our signal experts will work with you to visit the site and perform a "grid test" to verify existing signal levels.

  • Trusted Installation

    Our licensed and experienced professionals will finalize the system design, install with project coordination, and commission and test your system before occupancy.

Distributed Antenna Systems: a crucial component in today’s high-rise environment.

With the importance of communication becoming a clear component for the future, Clearline Engineering is here to provide Design, Installation, and Optimization of Distributed Antenna Systems for Public Safety/ERRCS and Cellular Enhancement.

While it is possible that a building can pass public safety communications tests without an ERRCS system, it is becoming less likely because of modern building designs. Things like low-E glass, steel beams, concrete and other buildings can block signals and cause a building to fail that test. Whether you are an Electrical Contractor, General Contractor, Commercial Real Estate owner, or a School District Superintendent let an experienced system integrator help you through the process.

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