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Over 20 Years Of Trusted DAS Experience

With two decades of RF design, installation, and testing experience we know this technology and we will use that knowledge to make sure that your project happens without a hitch.

Our NFPA compliant, FCC-certified engineers work with the industry-standard iBwave software with Level 3 certification to design public safety solutions that use channelized “Class A" or broadband BDAs and both passive and active (fiber optic) designs across the VHF, UHF and 700/800 MHz bands.

Why choose us as your DAS professionals

We know construction and offer many ways to get the job done.  Have us install or let us help you build your system with guided instruction.  

We will assist with any design changes that occur throughout the process and will coordinate all aspects of the job within the project schedule.  

We have successfully completed a spectrum of telecommunication projects, from outside plant fiber builds, to in-building technologies, and structured cable solutions.  

We know our field and every system we design we acceptance test.    

We follow all code requirements and best practices of the IFC, NEC, and NFPA in the design of your system.

We handle correspondence with the appropriate city planning office and have strong relationships with local permitting and public safety jurisdictions.  

We will make sure you have everything you need to finish the job and will see it through to the end.

Our goal is to stay in the forefront of the telecommunications industry and add value.

  • Lance Stafford

    Sales & Engineering

    GROL#: PG00048282

  • Coreen Hill

    Accounting Manager

  • Lacie Gillespie

    Director of Operations & Project Management

    GROL#: PG00069823

  • Josh Finnigan

    Estimating Manager

    GROL#: PG00069824

  • Alexys Welch

    Permits Specialist

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Lead Crew Managers

Our crew is an all-around team of athletes.  With over a decade of experience they have obtained expertise in nearly every aspect of the Distributed Antenna System industry.

Company History

Know that when you accept a bid from Clearline Engineering, you are getting an amazing team of people that will help with even the smallest projects to make sure we get them just right for you. From quote, to design, to installation, and for the life of the system, we will provide support. We believe in earning your business and making sure whatever your frequency your building is safe.